In the 21st Century, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goes far beyond traditional philanthropy. It is a chain of solidarity in which each supports and helps the other to be socially accountable.

In times of crises, we turn towards what is ethical, we return to things that are true, with roots. We have a desire for authenticity and humanity. Hand and human make a difference. Which is why, at Digital Tree, we are committed to operating in the best interest of our family, our customers, communities and environment. 

Change is coming... We are committed to being part of that change...

We create positive impacts in society and reduce risks  through ethical journalism, information, technology, solutions and the expertise of our people. According to our vision and in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the work is a continuous journey and we thus channel the talent and passion of our people, customers and broader family to bring positive, meaningful change for the following areas: 

  1. Environment
  2.  Well Being
  3. Education
  4. Society 



We are Digital and we are a TREE

Nature is integral to our company’s DNA. We believe that the escalation of the climate crisis affects not only our business but the future of humanity. Sustainability is far from simple. In fact, the bulk of the challenges we face are very complex. To ensure we take the most sustainable path we have chosen to collaborate with selected organisations and initiatives. Working with partners who are experts in their field, gives access to resources we wouldn’t otherwise have, and allows us to collaborate as a broader sector to learn, strategize and implement change. Yes, ‘together we can move mountains’. 

  • We report and raise awareness through our diverse network of Media 
  • We support and participate in environmental actions 
  • We work with non-profit organizations and civil society to find solutions that contribute to a sustainable environment 
  • We have a strategic plan to eliminate our CO2 Footprint until 2030

Health & Wellbeing 


Digital Tree is its People  

We celebrate diversity and a human-centric approach through initiatives that empower people.  We create workspace conditions that are healthy, balanced and safe. But the main message carried by these values is the involvement and worth of the person as an artist, curator, visionary, engineer. We invest in our employees and we are attached to the kind of work that imbues our company with soul.



Inspire and Empower through information 

Whilst CSR and Sustainability is an important part of our journey, it is foremost a science and with science comes defined systems, methodologies, scopes, data, metrics and targets. We contribute to our employees development, through a variety of educational programmes and training. In this ever–changing and ever–evolving digital landscape, we encourage the personal development of our people. Our program is based on continuous improvement and is periodically reviewed and amended in order to stay true to our original vision.



Giving back

We see the importance of contributing to our local community and giving back to organisations who look after people and the planet. We continue to support our partners who protect and mentor people in our local communities. We work with credible partners to help members of our society and support initiatives of organizations and NGO’s.

Our Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Committee

  • Xenia Xenofontos 
  • Georgina Erotokritou 
  • Louis Loizou 
  • Sophie Yannouris Mortimer 
  • Melina Demetriou 
Corporate Social Responsibility News

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