Hitting more than 28.000.000 monthly page views and more than 400,000 followers on social media, let’s just say we let numbers do the talking! 

With more than 60 professionals, Digital Tree Media is a pioneer in online news company, reaching a wide spread audience through its rich portfolio of online news media: Kerkida, Offsite, Brief, My.Life,, Avant-Garde, Car, Kitchen Island  and the first hybrid TV in Cyprus - Digital TV.

Building strategical relationships Digital Tree Media, signed an agreement with DPG Digital Media in order to link CNN.gr to Offsite, in terms of content (content exchange) and implementation of CNN's high quality standards. 

Digital Tree Media is a proud member of Cyprus Online Publishers Association (COPA)



2.2 millions

Report analysis December 2021 

all our media

With pageviews more than 17 million, Kerkida.net is the number one website in Cyprus. Delivering comprehensive coverage of all sporting events on the island, the site provides constant updates, with live…

Offsite is a news portal dedicated to providing the user with comprehensive, objective, immediate and in-depth information. The journalistic team and expert columnists deliver news, analysis, commentary and…

Brief , is the newest addition in Digital Tree’s media portfolio. Supported by Bloomberg, Brief is dedicated to provide informed and independent journalism to a niche audience, delivering the latest local and…

My.Life is not your typical portal. It celebrates the life and style of the modern woman through a distinct looking glass. Our topics range from fashion and cooking to health and beauty. 


Led by a dedicated team of knowledgeable and highly experienced Cypriot motoring journalists, Car.com.cy is your go-to website for automotive expertise. Our team is constantly researching the trends, providing the latest…

Avant-Garde is your urban website. Looking at the world with a..twist, it is packed with fascinating stories and unique people; a world of wonders! The site gives an overview of global and local happenings…

Kitchen Island is about sumptuous, mouthwatering and easy-to-make video recipes. The team is passionate about food and this passion is translated on screen. Experience both local…

The first of its kind in Cyprus, Digital TV launched on October 12th 2020.

It offers  live and on demand content focused on covering news and general entertainment in a novel and easily consumable…


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