Who we are

Digital Tree has the largest digital network in Cyprus in terms of people, digital traffic, content, technology & innovation. We are active in 3 main verticals: Media, Services, eCommerce & Innovation of which we own a large portfolio of branded media, production and marketing services as well as brands within the innovation space. As a result, we create and share attractive content for our users, effective advertising solutions for our clients and partners, each time targeting specialised audiences.

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Digital Tree Media owns a large portfolio of online news media, targeted for niche groups. With more than 28.000.000 monthly page views and more than 350,000 followers on Social Media, we create and share engaging content for our users and effective advertising solutions for our clients and partners. 

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Our collaborative process with clients makes it easy to produce content that accomplishes the company’s goals. By implementing tactile and agile strategies, our digital brand ensures that each piece of content conveys your level of expertise; from design and messaging to voice and channel optimization.

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Tabs and Space Agency

OW Digital

CUBE Productions



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eCommerce & Innovation

From our most mature and successful eCommerce platform Ergodotisi, to building and investing into new partnerships that will change the course of how we build our future. 

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'We help our clients and employees grow at scale with our innovative solutions and leading mindset'



We help our clients succeed by building innovative advertising campaigns around a dynamic online presence. Our digital brand generates compelling content and well-executed digital campaigns. 

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