Digital Tree was founded in 2012 with the acquisition of in Cyprus. was the first website of it’s kind created in 2006.  In 2014, under new management that had the creative vision to expand the portfolio of  Digital Tree, the company became a successful online publishing group. Our insatiable desire to improve and innovate stayed the same through the years and more like-minded individuals joined the team transforming our company to what it is today: the fastest-growing digital company in Cyprus providing services covering the entire spectrum of digital space.

Today, Digital Tree is the holding/parent company of a group of subsidiary companies that span across three main verticals: media, services, e-commerce & innovation, and currently employs over 150 professionals.

Digital Tree provides the production and distribution of high quality digital journalism and premium audiovisual content, digital marketing services, design and web development services as well as online commerce stores.


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Delivering interactions across customers’ preferred digital channels requires expertise within numerous platforms. We leverage proven technology solutions, as well as evolving opportunities to create highly personalized multichannel customer experiences.

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Technology is the means to richer moments and storytelling. We provide our clients a voice that resonates with it's audience while minimizing the cost to reaching customers. Our story has provided us the challenges and abilities to deliver results.

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